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Purchase Any Bicycle on the Internet!

Any and all from the pro pelotons in the vast world of internet bicycles!
Amazon, wrenchscience, chainreaction, bikesdirect, completive cyclist, ebay!
Before making that costly internet purchase; allow us to guide you through this
important and complex buying decision with our 5 step process.


Choose any internet provider; we can work with them all, any brand and any model available. Choose from Pinarello, Parlee, Look,  Argon 18, (Canyon soon) Ridley, Scott, Specialized, Raleigh, Diamondback, Kestrel, Fuji or any other internet brand! You will feel  confident knowing you made the correct sizing choice, with professional assembly and a certified fit for your bicycle riding pleasure,  performance and safety through our 5 step process below:

1. Consultation, tell us about the bicycles you have been considering on the internet. We will discuss your vision, what you intend to do with the bicycle and even your future aspirations and goals. Once you complete the first two steps of our 5 step process we can scour the internet on one of our terminals to find the perfect bicycle for you.

2. Precise body measurements, professionally administered, inseam, hips to floor, shoulders, arms and sternal notch to waist/to floor.

3. Receipt confirmation, inspection and schedule assembly, we will be sure that your purchase was received correctly and in good order and contact you with scheduled assembly, set client pick up and fit appointment.

4. Assembly, we assemble your bicycle within industry and manufacturer’s specifications.

5. When you arrive to receive your road bicycle there are three certified road fit options:

a)Neutral fit for recreational riding that will position you for optimum comfort, performance and safety


b)Competition fit for those who purchase a race bicycle


c)Endurance/Sportive fit for those with those cycling ambitions. Mountain/Hybrid bicycles, proper sizing confirmation, seat height positioning, fore/aft seat positioning, shoulder, elbow, arm and wrist alignment.


Introductory Price $99.99 ($124.99 value)

90 Day Warranty Service

Your new bicycle will have a “breaking in period, cables will stretch, spokes will need tensioning checks and all bearings and drivetrain system will need cleaning. We will do this all for you as an added service to be sure you and your bicycle are performing as intended. 90 Day Service Warranty (free adjustments for 90 days) and one complete tune up immediately following the 90 day period (by appointment) to bring your bicycle back to original manufacturer’s specifications.


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